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God and Pharoah: A Meditation on the Exodus Plagues

Reading through the plagues in Exodus, I noticed something I had not noticed before.

God time.

That’s right: God gives a timeline. He says “I will do this tomorrow.” I have always struggled with Grecian views of deity and time, that somehow the divine is apart from time, and time is separate from the divine.

The bible is full of images of God responding at this time, or that time. The bibleĀ is full of God’s responsiveness to humans, which leads me to my next observation.

Is God gracious and merciful?

The plagues of Egypt seem like worst case scenario type stuff. I mean, I really would not want to experience them. We tend to think that God does this just because of His Holiness and Righteous wrath, but I was struck again with His compassion.

For the Egyptians.

If God is truly God, then people pretending to be Him is about the worse government a person could live under. And Pharoah was not just the leader of ancient Egypt. He was the son of Ra, the morning star, and all that. The plagues were a battle between God and the worship of that which is not Him.

If you think about Black Lives Matter and the fear of the American government. If you think about the totalitarian regimes around the world where people live in fear of their lives, the grace of God is shown clear in this instance of Exodus.

We cannot be God, no matter how hard we want to.

Any attempt to sit on His throne leads to generations of torture and neglect.

In this area, God was calling not just Israel, but the nation of Egypt to place no being on the throne of power but God.

I see the plagues as an opportunity for Egypt as much for Israel. Those who trusted God and listened to Him were saved. Those who trusted the power of man against God were not.


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