Witty Quote I Have Not Yet Written

Time-Management Week 2

My goal last week was to do 5 posts a day, with a specific writing system.

Although I did not achieve my stated goal, the systematic application of my labor did facilitate a much better week. I did $269 worth of work in 15.25 hours for an average of $17.64. During this time I also worked on editing the audio for my wife’s upcoming dance, cleaned the house, spent time teaching children, and worked on my management system.

What am I looking for this week?

More consistency, continued work across the board, finishing the proprietary school application for Aletheia Christian College, being purposeful in time with my family and taking time to rest and pray.

I just reread A Holy Calling and remembered that this is a journey I am on with God, and I do not want to forget it.

What are you working on this week? How can I help you?