Witty Quote I Have Not Yet Written

Let Him Who Wishes Come

We are going through Luke in church on Sundays, and I saw something in the parable of the marriage that I had never seen before.

Luke 14: 15-24

The wedding feast was open to all. Although we always see the rich people in the story as those who we know don’t get in, the fact of the matter was, the messenger went to them all. Of course, in the story they did not come, but I think that was because the people Jesus was talking to were not the poor of the earth.

Jesus was using a parable to tell the middle class of Israel,

“Don’t spend your life focused on wealth,
Don’t spend your life focused on your business,
Don’t spend your life focused on your family,
Come to the wedding feast I have prepared for you.”

Let him who wishes come, Jesus tells us again in Revelation.

Drop all you are doing, and come to the wedding feast! Come, for His doors are open wide! Come, he has prepared your food and clothes, there is no one who will be turned away!


I love this, that no matter who we are,

Rich or Poor

Healthy or Sick

Whole or Broken

Powerful or Slave

Free or Prisoner

We are all invited to come and drink deep at the river that is the Love of God.