Witty Quote I Have Not Yet Written

In The Beginning

What is the significance of a beginning?

For thousands of years, a text that Christians, Jews, and Muslims hold dear stated: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Ever since the rational thinking of Aristotle and Plato, the universe has been seen by great men of knowledge as eternal. The two groups did not meet until the 1950s, when evidence from the light of the universe lead mathematicians to deduce a beginning of everything.

The theory of the Big Bang was formed.

One of the most significant theories of 20th Century science postulated that the universe and all it contains began.

In the beginning…

The Big Bang…

Science and religion agree on fact: there is a beginning to all we see, feel, hear, smell and taste.

I have been meditating on different theories of the world, of Genesis, of science and faith, and since it is Spring, it is the time of new beginnings. Earthlings outside of the equatorial zone are used to beginnings and endings: the leaves on trees die every year, and are reborn in spring. Cold drives us indoors through the winter months, and we feel new life flowing through us as the sun begins to once again warm the outdoor environs. Spring is a new beginning, but the beginning in Genesis is so much more than that.

In the beginning.

Genesis does not say which beginning, it does not specify what the cycle of seasons are, because that is not this beginning. This is an absolute beginning. That which there is no definable before. We humans are tied to this earth, this solar system, the vast galaxy surrounding us, and even the ether of space.

Did you know that outer space has heat? Absolute zero is mathematically stipulated to be 0 Kelvin, or -273 Degrees Celcius. This is the temperature at which subatomic particles stop moving. Outer space is not that cold, which means that every inch of space between here and the next galaxy contains energy in the form of heat, and we have no scientific basis for understanding a universe with no energy, a vacuum with no actuality. We have a beginning, and all we can possibly study does too.

In the beginning, God… God predates the beginning. The absolute start of all we can possibly test and experiment and mathematically define. God was there, and He recorded it.


As spring unfolds around you and you feel the joy of little beginnings, remember the absolute beginning that spun our universe into the heavens.

In the beginning, God was there.