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What Can You Do With Hope and Faith?

What Can You Do With Hope and Faith?

This month has been a hard month on the business end. We have had multiple times where we have no money, and no conceivable way to make it through the day. But, in hope and faith in the father heart of God, we keep moving forward. I have had several times this month where I say to my kids: we don’t have milk for our cereal now, let’s be thankful for the oatmeal we do have. And then we give thanks.

Gratefulness for Hope and Ponds
Ponds and Water Help With Gratefulness

What Can I Do With Hope and Faith?

As I was remembering the last month, I was struck by how I act differently when I truly trust that God is working on my behalf. Just last week, I left for work and had to borrow money from my kids to put gas in the car and get to my office. When I got to the office, I met someone and got an SEO order within 15 minutes. And, miracle of miracles, PayPal processed his payment the same day and we were able to put gas in the cars and buy food.

This is my life: trust God, and act in hope that He will come through. This is hard and it is a key part of many peoples lives, both in business and in ministry. Have faith in God.

Today I was remembering Jesus’ words: how many of you give your child a snake when they ask for a fish, or a rock when they ask for bread? This month is the first time in about a year that we were so tight that we had to worry about our next meal, and yet God always provided. (To be perfectly honest, we have never had really bare cupboards, just a few times where the meal we wanted was not available).

God wants to help us, and He does. BUT. He loves to walk with us in the midst of these hard times.

This came through to me today in the form of a question. What would I do in my business if money was not an issue?

What would I do in my business if I could trust God completely for provision every day?

Sharing the Joy of Walking with God in Hope

You are not alone. God walks with you.

It is difficult to embrace this truth when He walks with us in the emotional roller coaster we call life. But, He still pursues us.

Your difficult times are not beyond His knowledge or His active pursuit. He walks with you in Joy and Hope.

Proverbs says that hope deferred makes the heart sick, but Christians have a tremendous hope that cannot be deferred. We believe and walk through the power of the Holy Spirit, the counselor that Jesus promised on his last night with the disciples.

Peace, he leaves with us.

What would you do if you did not have to worry? What would you do if you were completely free to do it with all your passions and creativity?

Sharing with Others the Joy of Complete Freedom

God’s Anointed One came to give us freedom, to teach us truth, and to walk with us in life. For myself, this means I walk with Him in building many businesses. For you, it might mean going on the mission field, or showing up to work tomorrow.

If you are free in Christ, then you are free to work, rest, play, and live with complete dedication to each and every moment.

With hope and faith, I can write blogs, plan businesses, create opt-ins, do sales calls, pray for friends, wrestle with my kids, make love to my wife, clean the house, and grow in body, mind and spirit through discipline and exercise. What can you do with hope and faith?

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